Oliespal is formed by the associated Cooperatives of Altura, Almedijar, Castellnovo, Chóvar, Navajas, Sot de Ferrer and Teresa. Sited in Altura, at the Alto Palancia´s region, dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil.

The outstanding quality of our oil is due to the fact that is made with high quality raw material and to a production process made at the oil press.


Our oil has received several prizes and awards, whereof must be mentioned:

Gold medal. Best extra virgin olive oil. Casino Artesanos Castellón. 1987.

PYME Prize. Agroalimentary industry. Castellón 1992.

Golden cruet. Extra virgin olive oil. Millares, 2000.

2nd Prize. VII competition of olive oils, “City of Utiel” Valencian Community. 2001.

2nd Prize. Best food industry. Granted by the Agriculture, fishing and feeding . 2002.

3rd Prize. VII competition of extra virgin olive oil “City of Utiel” Valencian Community 2002.

1st Prize. X Competition of extra virgin olive oils “City of Utiel” Valencian Community. 2005.

Silver medal. The olive tree growing. Valencian culturer council. 2008.

1st International Prize. T. L. M. I, brand OLIESPAL. Olive Pâté. 2009

1st Prize. Slow Food, extra virgin olive oil. Gastronomic trade show. Montecarlo. 2010.

Golden medal for extra virgin olive oil. International competition OLIVINUS. Argentine, 2011.

Gran prestige golden medal for Mediterranean oil. Competition Terraolivo, Israel, 2013.

3rd Prize. XIX competition for extra virgin olive oils and VIII competition of biological extra virgin olive oil. City of Utiel. 2014.

The Valencian community biological council (CAECV), during its 25th anniversary, recognizes the Alto Palancia´s olive cooperative for its engagement at the production and comercialization of biological oil. 2019.


At the Sierra de Espadán and Calderona ranges, Dans les parcs naturels de la Sierra de Espadán et de la Sierra Calderona, prime locations, the olive tree is grown since antiquity, we have written acknowledgment of the growing at the 15th century. Nowadays, those fields are still grown.

Mediterranean climate, orography with the high stopes and terrasses, shallow grounds and the autochtonous variety « Serrana de Espadán » with unique characteristics, make OLIESPAL oil.